The Junior League of Phoenix was founded 85 years ago, and through the years, we have built a legacy of collaborating with non-profit partners in the Phoenix metro area. We have mobilized our members to address urgent community needs, created signature, direct service programs, and added capacity to essential non-profits, through volunteerism.

This year, as we celebrate this milestone anniversary, it’s our mission to re-educate the community about the Junior League of Phoenix, who we are, and what we do! 

Join us Monday, Oct. 21 – Friday, Oct. 25, as we throw a mission-centric fundraiser week! 

What makes the Junior League of Phoenix Unstoppable?    

  • Training
  • Commitment to our community
  • Leadership 
  • Passion

Look for many more details on Mission Week by following our Facebook page, The Junior League of Phoenix, and our Instagram. You’ll hear the stories of members, how the League has impacted their lives, and how it has improved the Phoenix community.

We encourage you to donate to this fundraiser, either to a member directly, or by attending one of our many give-back nights throughout the week of Oct. 21 – 25!


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