JLP Volunteer Updates

JLP Impacts the Community:
970 Volunteer Hours Completed To-Date

Our Community Impact shifts are going strong!  215 JLP volunteers have completed 54 shifts, 160 shift hours and 970 total volunteer hours this year already! This is incredible!

Keep up the amazing work and thank you so much for all you give back to our community and to the league.

Find volunteer shifts on the Member Calendar, here.

Farm Days at the Phoenix Zoo

JLP Volunteers assisted with Farm Days at the Phoenix Zoo on November 4 and 5. They assisted with arts and crafts, the children’s farmers market, and even exploring with children which fruits and veggies they would eat together. We continue to work towards our focus area of “Building A Healthy Arizona” by teaching children about healthy eating habits!


2016 Provisional Community Night


Did you know that last year Fresh Express sold over $50,000 of affordable produce throughout “food deserts” across Phoenix? Or that Junior League of Phoenix members have a goal of completing 3000 hours of community impact this year? Or that Kids in the Kitchen teaches kids the sugary content of foods through the use of sugar cubes?

These were just some of the many learning outcomes of the Provisional Community Night hosted September 22.

Through their first Super Saturday training in August, provisional members learned about the general structures, procedures and priorities of the JLP, but the Community Night is designed to provide an overview and personal connection to the many signature and partner programs through which the JLP impacts the Phoenix community. Additionally, provisional members learned more about the history and purpose behind our focus area, “Building a Healthy Arizona”, through which JLP combats obesity in youth and families while also addressing hunger and food access.

Community Team Leader Michelle Moore and representatives from the community committees taught provisionals the mission, activities and ways to get involved with Kids in the Kitchen, ROCKETS, Phoenix Day, Fresh Express and Community Impact. Thanks to their leadership and enthusiasm, our provisionals are more excited than ever to promote volunteerism and improve our communities through service!

CLO Community Leadership Spotlight: Jennie Elser

jennieThe Children’s Museum of Phoenix (CMoP) recently announced that Junior League of Phoenix Board Member Jennie Elser has been selected as the 2017 Children’s Museum Gala Co-Chair. CLO sat down with Jennie to discuss how being a member of the Junior League of Phoenix (JLP) led to her selection as Gala Co-Chair and how her work with CMoP benefits the JLP.

How long have you been involved with CMoP?

I was first introduced to CMoP as a provisional member of the JLP, which was 12 years ago. CMoP was the first shift I ever did as a member of the league, I will never forget the stapler cramps I got from working with kids to make paper lanterns; each one needed 18 staples! My first two placements were on the CMoP Committee when we they were one of our community programs, before the museum opened. I was so proud to attend their grand opening! I also chaired the CMoP committee organizing educational events in our JLP classroom. This is my third year volunteering with them, independent of the JLP, on their gala committee. I have also been a member of CMoP and taken my kids there for many years. They love it.

Why have you chosen CMoP as one of your personal passion projects?

I appreciate the work they are doing and I have seen it benefit my kids and other kids, which has developed my passion for the organization. I support other causes that don’t personally affect me, but witnessing their work has personally connected me to it and it is something I feel strongly about.

jennie-3Why do you think CMoP selected you to be the gala co-chair?

I think they picked me, probably, because of a lot of the skills I developed in the JLP. I’ve learned how to be a good volunteer. I was a devoted volunteer for them last year, I went to all the meetings, I worked hard, I volunteered in additional ways other than my role and I think they recognized that and thought I would be a good person to have as the chair, because I will go the extra mile to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Being on a gala committee is a lot of work, and being chair is even more work. Why did you say yes?

I was honored they asked me and I love what the museum does with their Every Child program, plus it is a fun event! I also thought it was something I had the capacity to do, while still stretching myself. I have chaired events before, but this is a big public event for a larger organization and I wanted the challenge.

How do you feel being a JLP member has contributed to your success at CMoP?

I feel like I am a stronger leader because of the JLP. I when I joined, I didn’t have many leadership skills. I am going to be honest, I was a stay at home mom that had not had a long career. The opportunities I had through the JLP are what got me to where I could do something like this. I just never would have imagined myself taking a position like this, even though I would have loved CMoP, my confidence and my ability to serve in this way are a direct result of being a member of the JLP.

How do you feel that service in outside organizations has contributed to your success in the JLP?

It is exactly vice versa, what I got from the league I will give to them and I am going to be doing things in this position that will help me develop fundraising skills that I can take back to the league.

I think any time you’re helping another organization, you’re going to be learning things you can bring back to the league.

jennie-2What do you think that JLP members bring to the community table that is special and unique?

In most jobs you don’t get to try something new all the time and in the JLP, I’ve gotten to try something new every year. I think the variety of experiences means a lot and helps JLP members spot issues and solutions through all their different experience lenses. I’ve done direct community service, marketing, fundraising and I’ve experienced things I never would have without the JLP. For example, when I first joined the league I was on the community team. It was fun, it was rewarding, and I knew I was making a difference. However, after many years in that part of the JLP, I was asked to join the Development team and chair the Valley Impact Luncheon. I think they picked me because I was a very organized, detailed person, but it was the first time I had every delved into that world. I had never been involved in that part of the JLP or even considered it. And it was a challenge. It was hard. But it was rewarding and I learned a lot. And I don’t think I would have applied to be on the JLP board if I hadn’t learned that. It gave me a completely new set of skills and interests.

Would you be interested in being supported by other JLP members as the gala co-chair?

I definitely would! Anyone that is interested can absolutely reach out to me. I would love to have a committee and guest list full of JLP ladies!

The CLO Community Leadership Spotlight features JLP members engaging in volunteer leadership roles in the community. If you are a JLP member or know a JLP member engaging in a volunteer leadership role in the community, please reach out to the Community Leadership and Outreach Committee Chair at jlp.clo at jlp.org or at (602) 234-3388 x228.

JLP Honors 24-Hour Service Award Winners!

Each year, member go above and beyond their required number of hours service our communities. In efforts to recognize the significant volunteerism of our members, we initiated the 24-Hour Service Award, an elite group whose membership reflects substantial commitment to community impact shifts. Each of the members listed completed at least 24 hours of JLP community impact shifts; in total, this group of 28 members completed  888 hours of community impact. Thank you, ladies, for rising above requirements to set a high level of commitment to building a healthier, stronger, more vibrant community.

24 hour service award

Merisa Andelija
Danielle Arsenault
Angy Beran
Ashley Bunch
Courtney Campbell
Dana Chiordi
Katherine Click
Cathy Comer
Ally Corbin
Candyce Cox
Lauren Dickey
Jennie Elser
Jeanne Figueroa
Amanda Fry
Cammy Garnett
Canyon Haley
Nichole Howarth
Le Kaysonepheth
Shelley Lee
Melinda Mabee
Ann Marie Marino
Sara Mayer
Stephanie Mitchell
Dimple Patel
Valerie Richards
Liz Rocci
Megan Schwallie
Tania Ward

Last Chance: Community Impact Virtual Drive!


code red

Throughout April, the Junior League of Phoenix has been raising money to support our community partners at Phoenix Rescue Mission with their Code Red initiative. The Phoenix Rescue Mission is a place of hope, healing, and new beginnings for men, women, and children in our community struggling with homelessness, addiction, and trauma. This initiative is specifically to help the Valley’s homeless population survive the blistering summer months.

To ‘shop’ for items in this virtual drive, click here.

Spread the word! Download this flyer and share with your friends, family and colleagues! Raffle prizes will be given for every $10 spent by a member, or spent on their behalf, and there will be an overall winner for the highest contributor!



Community Impact Partner: The Cinderella Affair

cinderella affairOn Saturday, March 26th, Junior League of Phoenix members joined forces with the East Valley Women’s League at the 15th Annual Cinderella Affair.

The event opened at 8:00 AM for 300 high school girls to have the opportunity to take home (free of charge) a dress for prom and shoes, purse, and jewelry to match.

cinderella affair JLP picture.jpgThere were multiple stations to the event with girls first shopping for dresses, which were divided into multiple rooms by size, while moms sat in a waiting room. The girls took five dresses into a dressing room to try on where attendants were there to assist them. Afterwards, they shopped for shoes and purses and finally jewelry. There was also an alteration specialist on-site to assist in any needs. As girls checked out, they also received a makeup goodie bag courtesy of the Junior League of Phoenix.

It was a really rewarding experience to talk to the girls attending the event. Some of them had been camping out since 7PM the night before to attend The Cinderella Affair. It was a great opportunity to share in the excitement the girls felt and brought back memories of attending high school prom, which is such an iconic time in a teenager’s life.

To find out more about The Cinderella Affair, please visit their website at http://www.cinderellaaffair.org/. #iamjlp #jlpcommunityimpact

by, Liz Goldstein

Code: Red – Summer Heat Relief


Throughout April, the Junior League of Phoenix will be raising money to support our community partners at Phoenix Rescue Mission with their Code Red initiative. The Phoenix Rescue Mission is a place of hope, healing, and new beginnings for men, women, and children in our community struggling with homelessness, addiction, and trauma. This initiative is specifically to help the Valley’s homeless population survive the blistering summer months.

To ‘shop’ for items in this virtual drive, click here.

Spread the word!  Download this flyer and share with your friends, family and colleagues! Raffle prizes will be given for every $10 spent by a member, or spent on their behalf, and there will be an overall winner for the highest contributor!


JLP Builds Impact Through Volunteerism and Donations

Congratulations to the 296 Junior League of Phoenix volunteers for surpassing our annual community impact goal of 1800 hours. From August through February, JLP Provisionals, Actives and Sustainers have completed 2080 hours of service with long-lasting partnerships like UMOM and the Children’s Museum of Phoenix as well as new partnerships like the Valley of the Sun United Way’s Read Across America Initiative.

Done in a Night Updates: JLP has also completed substantial donation drives for very deserving partner organizations. In January, members brought formal dresses, shoes and accessories for Cinderella Affair, an organization that provides prom and formal dresses for juniors and seniors who cannot afford them. At our General Membership Meeting, all league members in attendance helped create over 400 ‘swag bags’ filled with makeup, nail polish and other goodies to make their night super special. In March, JLP members brought donations for Dress for Success and Free Arts for Abused Children AZ.

In April, JLP will host a virtual donation drive for items to be packed in care packages for the homeless. Items will include cases of water, sunscreen, chapstick, socks, hats and other essentials, but instead of purchasing physical items, donors can easily purchase these items easily and at any time. To participate, visit www.jlp.org.

community impact february.pngcommunity impact february 2.png

Cinderella Affair In the News

cinderella affair

The Scottsdale Independent recently featured one of Junior League of Phoenix‘s very favorite Community Impact partnerships, The Cinderella Affair by the East Valley Women’s League.  The Cinderella Affair provides high school junior and seniors new and gently-used formal wear absolutely FREE, helping make prom an affordable and memorable event! For the full article, click here.

The JLP is proud to help support this worthwhile cause, now in its 15th year!

Fresh Express In the News

fresh express logo

AZ Central recently featured the Junior League of Phoenix‘s very own Community Impact project, Fresh Express by Discovery Triangle, highlighting the importance of bringing fresh produce to the food deserts of Phoenix and surrounding areas. Although Fresh Express is not solving the problem completely, it’s a step in the right direction of building a healthy Arizona. For the full article, click here.