JLP White Party featured in So Scottsdale Magazine

So Scottsdale Magazine covered our 3rd Annual White Party and published the photos they took at the 2016 White Party in their July issue.

So Scottsdale 2

So Scottsdale 3


Read the full July issue here.

Thank you to all who attended the 2016 White Party!


We had an amazing third annual White Party at the newly renovated Scottsdale Resort. With ladies and gents dressed to impress in their best all-white cocktail attire, we mixed, mingled, danced and partied the night away – all while supporting the Junior League! Drinks, raffles, dancing and a special after party at the W Scottsdale…the 2016 White Party was one for the history books.  View our photo album here.



All images by Celina Medina Photography


Thank you to our generous sponsors!

Thank you to our raffle donors! 

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Taking Photos at the 79th Annual Rummage Sale (and pre-party!)

In our day to day lives, we tend to capture moments through pictures to share and look at in the future.

The 79th Annual Junior League of Phoenix Rummage Sale should be no different. On the eve of sale, we thought it would be a great blog post on the importance of picture taking and how we can utilize your Rummage photos in the future.

We use Rummage photos to generate excitement and advertise to the community what Rummage is and why they should attend. Next year is the 80th anniversary of hosting Rummage, and we really strive to have a collection of fun photos that tell our story to use throughout the year.

What are we looking for? Below are a few key bullet points to keep in mind during your picture taking:

  • We need a lot of pictures. Even if you feel like you’re taking the same photo multiple times, keep making copies. You never know when one might be blurry, out of focus, or have poor lighting.
  • Think about the story you’re wanting that photo to have, and that should be the focus of the image.
  • Angle yourself when taking the photo to showcase it in the best way possible (i.e. take photos with a lot of shoppers to tell the story of how much Rummage Sale helps the community or photos that really encompass how many items and the variety JLP has for sale)
  • When taking photos of groups of people, make sure everyone looks like they are having fun! Enthusiasm and smiles go a long way when advertising an event.

If you have photos of the Pre-Sale Party and Rummage sale you want to share, please post them to the Junior League of Phoenix members facebook group, or to the Rummage sale event page.  We look forward to seeing everyone’s fun photos from Rummage! #HappyRummaging #redtoprummage


by, Liz Goldstein

First Person: Caring

Reflections of a Junior League Experience.

I find it interesting that no one has ever asked those of us who have stayed in the Junior League why we have done so… I am sure there is some tremendous beauty in our various answers.

flowerThere have been times I would have answered that with a “they can’t beat me” after a particularly trying year, but there is one thing that has held constant for me… through the craziness of navigating new programs, implementing new procedures, handling different kinds of people, navigating contentious organizational decisions, you name it… through that, there have always been a group of women that deeply and profoundly cared. It was not passive caring, it was “let me help you get up” caring. There are so many amazingly strong women in our organization, but even strong women face challenges and hardship. The JLP has my loyalty because it has lifted me twice, once when I was put on bed rest at 18 weeks pregnant and delivered a preemie, and another when faced with my cancer diagnosis.

In the first, the visits from members that I knew and did not know were what helped me keep sane. My husband had to work long hours and being alone all day, with permission to only get up to use the bathroom, was daunting. Fresh smiling faces bringing us dinner (which I could not stand up to cook) was one of the brightest spots of my pregnancy. They followed up by visiting and staying in touch when my son was premature. I consider all the women that carried me through this to be some form of godmother to my son, even if only in the gentle remembrances in my head of how much they supported me.

My cancer diagnosis was frightening. There are so many unknowns as one begins navigating that process. For me, I had women who walked that path with me through the countless visits and surgeries leading up to the diagnosis and then on through. Women who helped give my fears and frustrations a voice. Who delivered food, sent flowers and cards, held my hand, offered to throw rocks at walls with me…

These two dark days of my life where brightened by the JLP. In spite of other organizations I belong to, the JLP shone like a bright star for me during my darkest days and pulled me up when I was down.

There are so many other things that speak to the beauty of my JLP experience, but this is closest to my heart.

by, Blair Coe Schweiger

First Person – Rummage

JM2My first rummage sale was rummage by immersion. During my provisional year, I had a difficult time opening myself up to the experience and connecting with other members, so I wasn’t experiencing all the fun that my provisional year could be. As part of my disconnectedness, I was lagging on my provisional placement requirements, including my fundraising hours. I decided to combine two rummage sale day shifts to maximize my availability. I already decided I would not extend my membership into an active status, but I wanted to end my provisional year in good standing with all of my obligations completed.

Well, the morning of the rummage sale, my car decided to blow out its water pump and it COMPLETELY overheated and had to be towed to my mechanic. I called my shift contact and explained the situation, expecting the worst, which would have been I wasn’t going to complete my rummage obligation and be unable to complete my provisional year in good standing. I was in full panic mode. Freaking out like only a world-class spazz can do. Instead, my contact was incredibly accommodating and understanding, assuring me I could complete my shift whenever I could, if I could, get down to the fair grounds. I didn’t want to take any chances on not completing my obligation…. A ride to the mechanic and a rental car later, I was greeted with smiles and friendliness amidst the bustle and hum of the sale day. I explained I would need my phone on hand to receive calls from my mechanic and I was given a placement in a tandem team, which would make receiving calls to address my dead car’s resurrection needs.

I made a choice to make the best of the day and the situation ahead of me. While talking with my morning partner, I found out she was a committee chair who was hosting a meeting that next week and invited me to attend, which would help me complete my missing meeting requirement. She also wanted for me to attend because she thought I might have a connection with some of the women on her committee with whom I had commonalities. I remember thinking, “wow, she doesn’t want me to leave feeling like I never belonged… that makes me feel good.” JM1

During the break between morning and afternoon shifts, the sale briefly closes for reorganization and clean up to prepare for the afternoon shopping rush. While folding and trying to organize a mountain of baby clothes, I recognized a league member, Shelly Forstrom, who I met a few years ago outside of the league. I allowed myself to lapse contact with her, and I could tell she didn’t recognize me so I could retain my anonymity if I wanted (and anonymity IS my comfort zone). I took a deep breath and interrupted in her conversation with her friend and explained how we previously met. She remembered me!! She even recalled our conversation we had about my interest at that time of joining the league and asked me about my provisional year experience. I briefly explained my challenges and my intention to not extend my membership. Well, Shelly was not going to accept that laying down. I found myself accepting an invitation to lunch the next week with some of her friends, who were also league members…. In the course of a matter of hours, I had two invitations – that I accepted (outside comfort zone!) – to meet up with league members.

At the end of my shift, still apologetic for my lateness to my shift, I was assured my time would count and my credit for my work would be granted. It was explained to me, multiple times over, that day, an understanding of the ways life can interrupt our plans and was told how appreciative they were I managed to show up in the midst of that personal chaos and stress. I was grateful for the encouragement and acknowledgement of my efforts to get to the sale.

I completed all my provisional requirements and I extended membership into an active membership. That rummage sale day was eight years ago, and I am still friends with the women I met that day and in the immediate weeks following that sale day. I was ready to give up on Junior League before I even had a chance to learn what my experience could be, but there were league members who weren’t ready to give up on me.

by, Jennifer Mims

My favorite JLP memory – Farrah

I had such an incredible experience my provisional year because my provisional group (AKA “Sasha Fierce”) was made up of such dynamic and incredible women with whom I became great friends. While it took us a couple of months to get to know each other, we made a monthly effort to get together as a group of 8-12 for happy hours, game nights with our significant others, sporting events, and nights on the town for the duration of our provisional year.
These friendships have helped me become much more involved with Junior League than I had imagined. I strongly encourage making an effort to really get to know your provisional class as well as your mentors; it makes a world of difference!
   IMG_3270 image3 image2 image1 FullSizeRender

My favorite JLP memory: Kate

My favorite Junior League of Phoenix memory:

Most of my friends know that I love celebrating the Kentucky Derby.  Any excuse to don a beautiful hat and drink some fun mint juleps is a party to me! The last few years since joining the Junior League of Phoenix, I’ve managed to grab my girlfriends and get them to celebrate too. Last year my girlfriends, Stephanie, Brandi, and Melinda and I celebrated at the Fairmont Princess in Scottsdale. This year we grabbed our new girlfriend Evan, and got her to celebrate with us too. Guess what……she is now a provisional member!
Making friends and bringing them together – Derby Style!

-KateDerby Day 2014Derby Day 2015