Touch-A-Truck is 3 Days Away!


Join the Junior League of Phoenix on this Saturday, November 5 for our 4th Annual Touch-A-Truck Event!

Junior League of Phoenix Touch-A-Truck is a family-friendly event that offers children a hands-on opportunity to explore a variety of machinery and to meet the people who build, protect and serve the Valley communities. Vehicles on display routinely include construction trucks, emergency responders, tractor trailers, utility trucks and a helicopter. The event also features a DJ, local mascots, interactive educational games, bounce houses, slides, a rock wall, face painters, balloon artists and food trucks.

Additionally, the Phoenix Fire Department will provide car seat safety checks during the event from 8 a.m. – noon. A fire preparedness exhibit will be on display and new or used car seats may be donated throughout the event.

NEW TRUCK ALERT!: This year we are thrilled to have a Valley Metro Bus along with our other great trucks and vehicles from years past.

Don’t have kiddos to take to this event? Think about gifting tickets to friends with kids or community groups like the Boys and Girls Club or Big Brothers Big Sisters!

Who: This is a Family Friendly Event

When: November 5, 2016 from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Where: Paradise Valley Mall (south parking lot by Sears)

Cost: Advanced Tickets at for $5/$20 for 5 tickets
Tickets at the Door for $6/$25 for 5 tickets

Have Questions? Email the Touch-A-Truck Team!

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Touch-A-Truck 2016 is just around the corner!


The Junior League of Phoenix is hosting our fourth annual Touch-A-Truck event on Saturday, November 5, 2016 in at the Paradise Valley Mall parking lot (outside Sears) from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.  The event will allow children to experience life-size work vehicles used in construction, as well as vehicles utilized by the military, police and firefighters.  The educational fundraiser supports the JLP’s goal of positively impacting the lives of children and their families. 71dfd2e6a6b42285455557e2e9153eb6

Food trucks, the Fresh Express mobile food bus, other vendors and activities will be on site to provide a fun, entertaining experience.  Children and their families will have the opportunity to explore, crawl and play on various local vehicles including a City of Phoenix fire truck and helicopter, Rural Metro ambulance, SWAT Team truck, Mobile Command Center vehicle, dump trucks, Scottsdale Health Care Medical Simulation truck and many more.

The event also features area mascots, family-friendly activities, and a bazaar of local vendors.  In addition, join the Phoenix Fire Department for their Car Seat Safety Inspection from 8am to noon.  They will also be collecting car seat donations during this time.

The fundraiser will benefit JLP signature programs including ROCKETS (Raising Our Children’s Knowledge by Educating Through Science) events and Kids in the Kitchen, a nutritional initiative that seeks to combat adb6a6b2aa6f8c0eaf3a7b863729d871childhood obesity.

Tickets are available for pre sale for $5 a person or a family pack of five tickets for $20.  This is a discount from the day-of-event ticket price.  Children ages two and under are free.

The Junior League of Phoenix, Inc. is an organization of over 1,000 women committed to developing the potential of women, improving the Valley of the Sun through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers, and promoting voluntarism. Currently in their 81st year, the JLP has invested millions of dollars into the community and contributes over 100,000 volunteer hours annually. The current focus area of the JLP is Building a Healthy Arizona by addressing food insecurity/food access, and nutrition and obesity. For more information about The Junior League of Phoenix, please visit or call the Junior League of Phoenix office at (602) 234-3388.

10 Ways to Support Touch-A-Truck

Junior League of Phoenix Members, Supporters, And Sponsors:

Our fourth-annual Touch-A-Truck is coming up on Saturday, November 5 from 9 a.m. – 1p.m. at Paradise Valley Mall! We are anticipating a great event and are in the process of getting a number of trucks, vehicles, and activities lined up. Now we are asking for your help in getting the word out on our event.

Here are a 10 easy ways you can help us promote this event!

  1. Download this flier and share it with friends, families, and colleagues. Ask permission from your child’s school, local church and/or community organization to post the flier on their bulletin boards.
  2. Share this post on your Facebook page
  3. Tweet about Touch-A-Truck and tag our handle, @juniorleaguephx Or retweet one of our Touch-A-Truck posts, like this one
  4. Attend the Touch-A-Truck Dine-In Event at Chili’s on October 25!  15% of your total meal price will be donated back to the league. More information coming soon!
  5. Follow us on Instagram (@juniorleaguephx) and share this insta post on your account
  6. Share our blog post on your social media accounts
  7. Know an awesome kid who has a birthday in November? Share this flier about our new Birthday Party Zone at Touch-A-Truck!
  8. Can’t attend but still want to support our event? Buy tickets online to allow kids in JLP’s community programs, like Phoenix Rescue Mission, to attend.
  9. Sign up for a volunteer shift! Keep your eye on the member calendar as shifts will be available 30 days prior to the event.
  10. Start a trend! Include the hashtags #jlptat ,  #jlptouchatruck , #touchatruck , #iamjlp #juniorleague #jlp on your social media posts

We are looking forward to a fun and successful day on November 5 and are excited to see you there. Thank you for your support!


The Touch-A-Truck Team


Kids birthday in November?

Join us at the 4th Annual Touch-A-Truck Event and celebrate with a party in the birthday zone!  Enjoy special ‘skip the line’ passes, a reserved seating area, personal party attendant and more!


Touch-A-Truck is a family friendly event that offers children a hands-on opportunity to explore a variety of machinery and to meet the people that build, protect and serve the Valley communities. Vehicles on display will include construction trucks, emergency responders, tractor trailers, utility trucks, and much more! The event also features area mascots, food trucks, family-friendly activities, and a bazaar of local vendors.  Individual tickets for sale here!

WHO:   This is a family-friendly event.

WHEN:  November 5, 2016

Advance/Will Call Tickets will be available for purchase online, for a discount, before the event.
Tickets are also available the day of the event!
*children 2 years old and under are free

WHERE: Paradise Valley Mall Parking Lot, 4568 E Cactus Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85032


Save the date for Touch-A-Truck 2016


Touch-A-Truck is a family friendly event that offers children a hands-on opportunity to explore a variety of machinery and to meet the people that build, protect and serve the Valley communities. Vehicles on display will include construction trucks, emergency responders, tractor trailers, utility trucks, and much more! The event also features area mascots, food trucks, family-friendly activities, and a bazaar of local vendors.

WHO:   This is a family-friendly event.

WHEN:  November 5, 2016

Advance/Will Call Tickets will be available for purchase online, for a discount, before the event. Purchase tickets here! Tickets are also available the day of the event.
*children 2 years old and under are free*

WHERE: Paradise Valley Mall Parking Lot, 4568 E Cactus Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85032

WHY:  The Junior League of Phoenix is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers.  All proceeds from Touch-A-Truck benefit local community programs and training sponsored by The Junior League of Phoenix.  For more information on these programs, visit the “Community Impact” page.


Passport to Health with Kids in the Kitchen

Kitk logo Junior League of Phoenix Kids in the Kitchen (KITK) was able to reach and impact 430 kids this year at Touch-A-Truck! When families arrived to the event in November children were given a Passport game card. The Passports took kids and families through various stations for activities geared toward healthy lifestyles. A stamp was given at each of the stations and after visiting all five Passport stations, children were given a reusable, collapsible water bottle as a special prize from Kids in the Kitchen! The water bottles will encourage healthy life choices by adding fun to staying hydrated.

kitk passport

The Passport took families to the helicopter where movement while standing in line was encouraged, to the Fresh Express bus where they were able to buy a piece of produce or create “Produce Rainbows,” to the Cookbook station where children were guided in finding their favorite vegetable in a recipe using the Index, to the KITK booth where they played “Eat This Not That” hopscotch and to ROCKETS for the Chemical Makeup of Water (H2O).

The passports were a huge success overall, and we hope to welcome them back again next year!

First Person: Anne, President

JLP_ValleyImpactSocial_2015-2141I cried. Your happy, tough but nice, President cried her eyes out at the Valley Impact Social while asking our attendees to donate money. I did the same thing at last year’s Valley Impact event, so I knew it was coming. When I get in front of a group of strangers, this deep emotion comes over me that I want to convey to them just how important the Junior League and our mission really is, how much it matters! It chokes me up every time because I care so deeply about it and I want them to care too.

After 17 years in the League I’ve given a lot of my time, energy, strength, and of course now tears, and it just reaches deep down that I need to portray to potential donors that they need to donate money to us, it’s imperative!  I hope you aren’t too embarrassed by my tears, I use humor mainly, but a side of crying is okay sometimes too, I guess. If you feel as passionately as I do, then I hope you’ll understand, if you don’t, then please consider giving more of yourself to the league, it will come back to you three-fold!


Fortunately, I did not cry at Touch-A-Truck, and it proved to be another fabulous event! In fact four past Junior League Presidents of other leagues – Indianapolis, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Philadelphia all flew out to Arizona to support us and attend TAT with me – isn’t that amazing? I hope some of you had the opportunity to meet them; I was very proud of you all, as they got to see that we have the BEST members in the country!



Fresh Express: Educating the community on healthy habits at Touch-A-Truck

Fresh Express 5It’s one thing to practice healthy habits, but it’s another to be able to educate the community on what healthy means. The Junior League of Phoenix Fresh Express committee is able to experience this liberating feeling on a routine basis. The latest of their education tour was at the annual Touch-A-Truck event held at Paradise Valley Mall on Nov. 7.

Throughout the day families made fresh produce purchases while the children stopped by the Fresh Express education table. Children’s activities included crafting a colorful stamped-clad rainbow made with fruits and vegetables. Mushrooms, pepper, grapes, apple, cherries, and a banana are just a few of the stamps that could have been found at the table. As the children built their rainbows the Phoenix League Volunteers explained the importance of eating the “colors of the rainbow.”

TAT Fresh Express 2“Today I ate a rainbow.” Perhaps you have heard this phrase used as more and more health experts tell us we should “eat the rainbow,” and no, they don’t mean eat more candy.  Volunteers taught the children that this means that we should eat a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables to get all the nutrients we need for optimal health. Here is a very basic run down on each color group and how it helps our bodies:

Red: Very heart healthy and gives strength support to our joints!

Orange: A great source of Vitamin C. The orange group helps keep our eyes healthy!

Yellow: This group is good for our skin and helps our digestive system!

Green: Helps our entire body and strengthens our immune systems which mean fewer colds!

Purple: Purple/blue foods are excellent for our brains! They help us with our memory and also help keep some cancers away! (Source:

TAT Fresh Expres 3“Many parts of the Valley struggle with eating healthily and access to good nutrition – and not by choice. The volunteers of the Junior League of Phoenix Fresh Express program have a great opportunity to get on the right side of this battle by educating the community to think differently about the way they eat and by providing easy access to healthy produce,” says Cassie Cooper, Fresh Express volunteer. “Being able to directly impact the community in a healthy, positive way makes me proud to be involved in this program,” continued Cooper.

The Fresh Express bus and activity station remained busy throughout the day with record sales of $400 in the short 4 hours they were in business – that’s equivalent to $100 of produce sales every hour. To place some perspective on this, one apple costs .30 cents. Amazing!

About Fresh Express: A mobile produce market bringing fresh, affordable fruits and vegetables and providing community health resources to less fortune areas of the Valley.

Learn more and view the Fresh Express schedule at

2015 Touch-A-Truck a shining success!

TATfOur 3rd Annual Touch a Truck family event and fundraiser was held on November 7 and the weather could not have cooperated any better! The El Nino season brought about some chilly temperatures earlier in the week, but the sunny sky shone on all the kiddos and parents who came out to explore the working trucks and vehicles of all types.

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Officers brought their mobile command center that kids could tour, their bearcat, K9 unit, squad car, and the always-a-hit helicopter. Valley Towing came out with one of their tow trucks and kids could operate the tow lift. Rural Metro’s ambulance was lots of fun for the kids who got to play with the siren and lights. City of Phoenix Fire Department had a fire truck kids could climb on, a fire readiness exhibit, and they also provided free car seat safety checks!

TATcTwo Men and a Truck not only brought out one of their trucks for kids to explore, these fellas were very handy and helped us with a lot of the early am setup – Two Men and a Truck are a great sponsor and help of the Junior League of Phoenix at Touch a Truck and Rummage! Republic Services and UPS were on hand, Wells Fargo brought one of their iconic stagecoaches, Republic Services brought one of their giant garbage trucks, and Maricopa County brought over one of their Air Quality Monitoring trucks to demonstrate how they measure our air quality!

Some of the fellas of Rebound RX volunteered with us for the day, and according to their Instagram account, they put their money where their mouths are as they were stationed next to several ADOT vehicles; Friday night shenanigans + blaring sirens and horns made for a rather lively Saturday morning for them.

TATdWe really appreciate all of our partners and sponsors for the support of our fundraiser; this event can only happen with the generosity and collaboration of all of the organizations who donated their time and cost of services for the wonderful men and women who operate the trucks! These drivers and operators helped make the day fun for the kids who climbed on and explored the trucks as they helped show how the trucks worked.

We provided kids with Touch A Truck passports. They would earn stamps by visiting each of our activity stations. ROCKETS hosted two activity stations with mini science lessons and Kids In The Kitchen also had two stations for kids to participate in fun, quick lessons on healthy living.

Our community partner Fresh Express was on hand, and our guests even had the opportunity to purchase some of the produce Fresh Express provided. When not climbing on, in, and under trucks, there were bounce houses and giant slides for non-truck related action. Our food truck sponsors donated portions of the proceeds from Touch a Truck food sales to the league, which made indulging in delicious food truck fare even more fun!

We hope you will preset your calendars for next November for our FOURTH Annual Touch A Truck!TATeTATbTATa